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    So in preparation for a move to UK and hopefully a deck officer cadetship (got an interview on Friday!) I'm getting into the learning/studying mindset and also doing as much research as possible into the skills/knowledge aspect. My impression is from what I've learned on here is that it can be a shock to the system going in as a cadet from a job having not done anything academic really for many years, so I'm trying to give myself the best headstart I can.

    One of the things I've been trying to go through is a few books on the subjects I'll be learning. Right now it is just an interest thing but should a sponsorship happen then it becomes vocational. I've not come across anything that has properly flummoxed me yet although it is slow going.

    What I have so far -

    Ship Stability For Masters And Mates (Barass/Derrett)
    Celestial Navigation (Blewitt)

    Can anyone recommend anything else that would be a good introduction to the learning that I can get into before I get to college? (fingers crossed!). Ideally an intro to the COLREG stuff, and more on the navigation principles?

    Anything that anyone else found really helpful that you could suggest?

    A bit over-keen I know but I literally can't start quick enough now.

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    Afternoon. I read your previous post and am glad to see I’m not the only one coming from switching from business to the practical side of the industry! Interestingly, I was trying to find some summer reading for my September start last night so am glad you posted this and look forward to the suggestions members have.
    For COLREGS I was recommended A Seaman’s Guide to Rules of the Road (here). Admittedly I’ve not read it cover to cover but had a flick through and it seems pretty good. Obviously, more experienced members may have better suggestions!

    Best of luck with the interview on Friday.


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      The "nav basics" series of books are excellent and contain a large amount of the core OOW sylubus with worked examples etc. Helped me through a lot of my cadetship.


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        If you can get a copy of the mariners handbook (should be some PDFs somewhere in the "Gulf of Aden") it will give you an excellent overview of most subjects.
        It wont go deep into things, it wont necessarily help with alot of college work either, but its still a good publication.

        If you want to go more hardcore then theres always the Bowditch Manual / American Practical Navigator.
        This one is far larger and goes into far more detail, including calculations.

        As for COLREGS, there is no substitute for reading them, however I used an app called Marinus as it shows the details of lights, shapes, flags, etc.
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          You are way over keen dude, but in reading my first posts here I know I cant talk..

          Don't go too crazy on the academic stuff, its easy to confuse yourself when you're gonna spend loads of time in a classroom anyway.

          That said I like books. A good start for general knowledge is Seamanship Notes (Ferguson) and Macneil's Seamanship Examiner OOW, make sure you get up to date editions and take a lot of it with a pinch of salt until you get to college because there's always new stuff changing. Cargo notes is also a good primer on the rusty side of the industry. Colregs - there is no substitute for learning rules 1 to 19 parrot fashion and then hoping someone explains it to you before you stand your first watch, that's the Navy way. Cockroft and Lameijer's is the Bible.

          In addition these two: Deep Sea and Foreign Going by Rose George, and Sextant by David Barrie
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