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    Hi all,

    I was thinking this morning, possibly off topic. A few mates of mine are pilots and they get really excited about sunglasses and watches.

    What is the watch of choice for deck officers, generally? Are there any traditions? Do folks like a big chunky reliable Tissot or G-Shock that will run and run and go through Hell with you and back, or do some like posher mechanical watches, Rolex, Omega, TAG etc? And do many Masters have dress watches for their formal nights on cruise ships etc?

    Most of the traders at my company have at least one expensive one, usually a big Submariner, its sort of like a badge of honour. It is always the first thing they buy when they get their first bonus - its the same at most of the bunker companies. Some of the senior guys have massive watch collections that are worth hundreds of thousands and filled with highly technical dive and pilot watches etc that they have never so much as taken in the bath with them! Not sure if i'd wear one as a cadet! There is a big watch culture in bunkering, is it the same for seagoing officers?

    How common are Apple/Samsung i-watches? Not sure I would want a watch bleeping when i'm on watch every time i get a Facebook notification etc?

    What about sunglasses? A lot of pilots I know like RayBans or Maui Jim but I'm an Oakley guy - do deck offers wear these? I don't know many that wear the posh poncy designer ones. Loads wear cheaper polarised ones because they leave them all over the place and always have a spare in the case etc. Is that true of deck officers?

    I'd take three pairs to sea I think - imagine losing your only pair on the first day overboard when you are doing three months in the Gulf! Having a spare would be a life-saver!

    I know the engineers etc have to wear ballistic goggles etc sometimes, I guess deck officers have to as well when they are chipping etc?

    Sorry if it is a weird question! I was just wondering.

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    Mods sorry if this in the wrong section?


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      When you're out on deck in the Gulf with your chipping hammer the last thing you'll be worrying about is your horological attire...
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        I'd say 90% of the people who actually wear one, wear a £10 Casio from my experience.

        Personally, I can't stand them.


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          Cheap Casio for on deck. Haven't worn sunglasses once since I've been on the bridge. I just stick the shades down!

          All the Filipinos I worked with seemed to be obsessed with G-Shock though, usually owning more than one. I can't understand it, horrible looking things.


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            I also don't get why people buy "designer" sunglasses. The majority of them are made by the same company, Luxottica, and you're just paying for the wee stamp of whatever name they put on it.


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              Cheap Casios were always the way to go because they were very functional, dual time, alarm, stop watch etc and you could abuse the hell out of them and they kept going. When the battery died it was time for a new one. If anyone was wearing a Rolex you knew it was from Thailand. I had a nice watch I wore at home that changed every few years and went in my suitcase when I got on board and came out when it was time to go home. Now I sit behind a desk and wear an Apple Watch. Smart watches are certainly more popular now, but there are so many watches out there I doubt anyone on my ship has the same type.

              As for sunglasses Ray Bans were always the order of the day, especially the ones from Thailand. But like watches there are so many nowadays it is personal choice and whatever you choose will not be out of place.

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                Lots of deckies on cruise ships have submariners. The ones without families to support ha! You can sometimes get good deals on genuine high end watches in the Caribbean, if you know the right people, so I'm told.

                I've got an omega I wear on formal nights and a couple of pairs of Ray Bans but I mostly wear those going ashore, we have shades on the bridge so it's not really necessary. My plans to get myself a Rolex went out the window when I had kids. Maybe one day...


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                  I bought a Seiko off a dodgy bloke in Jeddah and hammered it for the next 10 years. It's still in my drawer and just needs a new battery. Mind you it looks a bit sorry for itself.
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                    I've always had good Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses for work, especially so now as a Marine Pilot. I would caution purchasing polarised sunglasses as many bridge windows are polarised and you may have difficulty seeing LCD screens from certain angles.

                    As for watches, it really depends what you are doing. I think on cruise ships its probably nice to have a good watch. I personally would say go for an analogue watch at sea as its far quicker/easier to change the time zone when you are constantly changing.

                    Presently have a Garmin D2 Charlie and love it.

                    Be aware that if you are liable for income tax at all that in the UK (and Aus) you can claim sunglasses as a tax deductible on your tax return.


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                      Very interesting video, especially the bit on Ray-Bans and Oakleys.



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                        I haven't bought a new pair in years, all mine predate the move to Luxottica. The ones that were made in the USA back in the day were excellent, especially the XMetal series.


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                          Bought some Oakleys my first trip away duty-free and they have lasted well.

                          It's more about functionality at sea - I can't imagine posing about with designer gear would go down fantastically... that said, I follow some Instagrammers that do just that 😂😂

                          Cheap Casio on deck, one time investment of £10 and it's still working today. It is however, chipped, smashed and painted!


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                            Originally posted by gl3483 View Post
                            Very interesting video, especially the bit on Ray-Bans and Oakleys.

                            I hear you, and I'm absolutely sure that there are suitable sunglasses available that are cheaper than Oakley and Ray Ban, however I couldn't say which. I know with Oakley and Ray Ban that I am guaranteed a pair of decent quality sunglasses that will protect my eyes well, instead of the Asda specials which gives you a headache and probably burn your retina in the process. Also they look good.


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                              Yeah, I know what you mean. As Luxottica own the major retailers it's hard to find anywhere that sells decent pairs, you're basically stuck with buying online. I have seen you can get a pair of Ray-Bans for 80 quid these days so it obviously isn't as bad as it used to be!

                              As for cheap pairs, as long as they have UVA and UVB protection, which nearly all sunglasses from major shops do these days, you're safe. But might look a bit naff haha