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35 year old newcomer ? Any chances for captainship in the future ?

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  • 35 year old newcomer ? Any chances for captainship in the future ?

    Dear members,


    Could you, please advise me whether there is any opportunities for a 35-year-old to become a captain one day?

    I don't have any relation to a maritime industry, but as a law graduate, I am used to learning huge amount of information. Thus, switching to this industry will not be so hard me (at least I want to believe so).

    If there are any chances, it would be great to hear from you any suggestions as to how to start my journey.

    Thank you all in advance!

    PS I am a Greek national, living in Cyprus.

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    Hi Jason,

    Best thing to do would be to check up if there are Merchant Navy opportunities available in your country, as training in the UK requires that you have lived there for 36 months before entry onto a Cadetship.


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      Hi riker,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I am afraid here we have age restrictions (at least for sponsored cadetships). That's why I am looking also for other countiries.


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        U can check in Philippines they don’t really check the age limits for foreigners here, but bare in mind that u can’t have ur apprenticeship onboard here and also ur COC thanks

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          Cyprus is an EU member could move here establish residency then apply