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Any jobs one can do having not obtained the license?

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  • Any jobs one can do having not obtained the license?

    I have completed my OOW cadetship but I am now expecting a baby and still have my Orals outstanding. I have one last attempt at this exam before the baby is born (after that it's going to be impossible to carry on).
    I know that there is a high chance I will never obtain my license now but is there anything else I can possibly do for work in the future, having got this far? Or has the cadetship been pretty much useless without the end ticket?
    I know it's a long shot but thought it was worth a try!
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Which route did you do? If you got the FD then you could go straight into the top up course once you were ready and then get a graduate job in the industry. I'm pretty sure you can go straight into the top up with the HND too though I assume the course is a bit longer.
    In terms of jobs at sea I'm not really sure, you have your STCW qualifications so maybe there are positions on cruise ships or ferries in the hotel department that don't require CoCs but someone with a bit more knowledge of the passenger sector would need to confirm that.
    All that being said, don't give up just yet, you still have a shot at the orals so there's no reason you shouldn't get your CoC!


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      If you want to keep working at sea you could work as an AB the RFA seems to be recruiting a lot. Or if you wan to go shore side you could work as a Coastguard watch officer, or you can work in the office of a shipping company as a personnel officer or cadet training officer, is good for roles like this and also Stena are accepting applications also ABP are looking VTS operators in Southampton. Or you could work as a recruiter for any of the recruitment companies.


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        I would definitely recommend getting your coc. Obviously if you don't get it this time you may need to postpone doing the orals again until the baby is a bit older but you've got a time window of a few years to get it so it's definitely possible.

        This will make you more employable shoreside in the industry (having read your username I guess it's unlikely you'll be returning to sea!). Pretty difficult for the mother to go back to sea. Not impossible I suppose but obviously a lot easier for us blokes!


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          You are certainly qualified to look at shoreside jobs in ports, shipping management, legislation, P&I Insurance etc. Many people have qualified and immediately moved ashore into various roles. When I qualified I was offered an ISM superintendents job and a Trainee Claims role in P&I.


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            Good luck tbh i don't think it really matters there are no seagoing jobs going for Junior Engineers anyway you are not missing much.


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     if you like Scotland and small ferries there are these jobs going.