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Need some help from deck third mates here

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  • Need some help from deck third mates here

    Greetings! So I'm facing an awkward situation: I just got my OOW certificate,only been on sea as a deck cadet that's been used as an ab/os,rarely did any 3/O jobs.
    Apparently I might go as a 3/O next contract and I know the job like..superficially / in theory. So my question is: Can someone post a detailed description of jobs as third mate like 'daily , weekly , monthly' and what stuff am i supposed to know by heart. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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    Sounds like you didnt have good sponsor or cadet training manager.


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      Firstly, good for being honest. Also be honest with those onboard and don't be afraid to ask advice from the Captain, Chief Officer and 2nd Mate. Most likely you will be responsible for LSA/FFE, so if you have a good Chief Mate he might take a walk around with you and give you some hints on jobs that you can do. Do a full inventory when you join, make sure everything is up to date, check if anything needs servicing and go through it all in detail because even on the best run ships things are missed. You then need to look at deck jobs which can be done quickly and bigger jobs which might need some planning and assistance (overhaul of a hydrant for instance). You will also have a 'planned maintenance system' which will cover a lot of the jobs that will need doing week by week and month by month, but that is often not a definitive list, but must be completed.

      With regards the navigation, do everything by the book and to the best of your ability. Don't be afraid to call the Master. I am certain that as a first trip OOW the Master or Chief Officer will often be close by and always present during the difficult bits until they've built up some confidence in you.

      I'm sure you will be fine, don't be afraid to ask the 2nd Mate for guidance and try to get out on deck as often as possible to become familiar with your responsibilities out there. If you have any big jobs the Captain might even cover some of your watch to help you out if you ask him/her nicely. The 3rd Mates job can actually be good training for the maintenance aspect of the Chief Mates job eventually, if you give it your all. Also don't be afraid to offer some of your time to the Chief Mate if he needs it (changing out wires or big project jobs) as it will make him more likely to offer you an AB to help you out when you need it (I am terrible at painting and stencilling, so when I was a 3rd Mate I'd trade my time doing more hands on jobs for an AB to slap some primer and paint on the areas I'd stripped down).


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        Thank you for your detailed comment. I figured an honest approach would be the best but its really situational. If the chief mate or captain are unwilling or sick of newbies i think honesty won't do me justice. Im mostly 'scared' of the ton of paperwork thats to be done of which i have no idea. Navigation-wise i will give my best as well as cargo operations (chemical tanker). As for daily or routine jobs can you give me some hints,tips?


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          I was in a similar situation, luckily I had an extensive handover and work on dual watch keeping ships so I could ask the guys I was on watch with about all the ancillary 3/O jobs that I wasn't sure on as they had obviously done them in the past. Just be completely honest when you go in and ask questions if you aren't sure. You'll pick things up fairly quickly when you are actually doing them!

          Also dunno about your company but with mine most of the stuff is in the SMS or PMS with fairly detailed instructions on how to do most things, and there are instruction manuals for most things (if you can find where they are kept!)


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            When you are working on deck, don't be afraid to ask the C/O to give you an AB for some assistance even if it's just for an hour. Every ship should have a Solas training manual and a set of lsa/ffe manuals from the shipyard to go with, these contain all the instructions you need for maintenance but probably your PMS will already have it.