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Stand by your beds!

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  • Stand by your beds!

    Crikey! It's another new survey! - Attitudes to ECDIS alarms ad Management is the rather fancy title of it.

    I'd appreciate if you could fill it out, I'm looking for deck officers and cadets with experience of using the ECDIS for this.

    If anyone might have an in with a company that they'd be willing to send it around, I'd greatly appreciate if you could PM me!

    Given the nature of people to ask for responses and then not share the results, I'll say it here: The report and results will be posted in this thread at the end of May 2017.

    This is a definite, because it's due in mid May. If you think I've forgotten, feel free to sling abuse at me!

    The survey will be open for 2-3 months, depending on response level.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I know how to use a slide rule. Will that do?
    io parlo morse


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      Yes. We'll give you an old chart and you can sit in the corner and play sailors until we work out what to do with a 'radio officer'.


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        Done. But I have no idea how often the ecdis alarms go off along side am not on the bridge. You need a don't know option


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          Thanks, will add it!


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            Copied the link to my son he doesn't tend to lurk on here, but does seem to do surveys.


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              I have completed the survey but there is no comments section so I'll comment here.

              Before my last ship went paperless I would have answered most of the questions negatively, but after intensive onboard training and practice as a bridge team I have answered most questions positively. There are definitely alarms which are a pain, but a properly set up and operated ECDIS definitely has a lot fewer alarms, also you can 'expect' some alarms which can then be used to verify that you are in fact in the right place.

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              If you can't laugh, you shouldn't have joined!!


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                Thanks Silvertop


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                  Had 20 responses so far in the first week, if there's any more of you that haven't already seen this, don't be shy!! Tell your friends what fun you had!


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                    Done, it was amazing.


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