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    Hi all,

    Currently in phase 1 and am trying to sort out accommodation for phase 3. Anyone got any experience trying to sort out a place to rent for January before going to sea? Struggling to find anywhere that doesn't just cater for students starting in July/September.

    Any advice welcome!


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    Which college are you at? I used to work with landlords around the Newcastle area so might be able to recommend some people if you're in that area.

    You've got a few options, renting a room in a house share, renting privately on your own or seeing if a residential letting agency will rent to a group of students.


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      Studying at Warsash in Southampton, I'm struggling to rent anywhere as nowhere will rent from January!


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        The college used to have a list of local / Southampton based accommodation nearby that were used to renting to cadets?

        I guess it's easier for the September lot as it fits better with traditional student periods.
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          Have you tried ?


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            You could try saying you are a professional, rather than a student...

            It worked for me and my two housemates - the landlord lived two doors down and didn't seem to mind, but it must have been preeeeety obvious.


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              Tried the official website but that's not much use either! Its just proving extremely hard to find anywhere that will rent from January that I can sort out before I go to sea.
              Thanks for all your advice anyway!