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3 months accomodation!

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  • 3 months accomodation!

    Hello All!

    Is anyone looking for accommodation in Southampton between the beginning of July to the end of August? Its a really nice flat near the city centre with a car parking space.
    My contract was for 6 months but as I have decided to move home soon I wont need it, and if someone else would use it (and pay the rent for me!) that would be great!
    My flat-mate will still be living there, but as were all seafarers we should be used to living with strangers, and he isn't that awful to live with!
    In total its about £500 a month (including council tax - which if you're a student you don't have to pay so it would be around £455)

    Please let me know if anyone is interested (or if you know anyone who would be!)