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  • Accommodation+parking

    Hello, I've been successful with a cadetship and I'm going to be at Warsash in September, and I wanted to know what the parking situation will be like? My home is an hour away from the college so it would be nice to drive home some weekends, is there any permanent parking permits available at the college?

    Also I honestly can't remember but are all the rooms built as double? Or can you pay extra for a private/single room? I know I'll be sharing a cabin with a cadet at sea but it would be nice to have a private room at the college.

    Thanks guys

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    Hello! I went to Warsash so maybe I can answer a few questions.

    Parking has always been a bit of an issue at Warsash but I wouldn't worry about it. You can register a car there and park on campus but there is also adequate street parking minutes walk away. You also have access to an 'old mans club' car park on the same roadas the academy.

    There are are two buildings for accommodation, Blyth and Shackleton. All Shackleton rooms except the top floor are doubles, but they are nice rooms to be fair with big communial bathrooms. Blyth, if I remember correctly is or partial kitted out with single rooms.


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      Hey Charlotte, I'm currently a second year here in the swamp.

      As a phase one you have to live on campus. Also as a permanent resident that means you are NOT eligible for a parking permit. Its daft . 1st years cannot get permits so all end up parking on street in the estates opposite the college in a constant battle against the ever expanding yellow lines. The hidden savior is passage lane car park down by the marina 15 mins walk away where you can leave a car for 7 days.
      Warsash - hurry up and move the whole show to Southampton already...

      Accommodation is horrendously overpriced as it is, £480 a month for a bunk bed with binary heating options and a walk down the corridor to skanky(blythe) or travelodge(shackleton) shared bathrooms. For no change but removing your most likely new best friend out you get the privilege of paying another £100 a month! Really not worth it!

      Good luck and see you in September...
      Superyacht OOW
      SSTG Cadet 2015-2017
      Ex Royal Navy Navigator.


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        Thank you, that's some really useful info I needed- see you in September!


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          Parking is a pain as there simply isn't sufficient for everyone. Cadets aren't even supposed to use the Working Men's Club car park which is on the same road. Phases 3 and 5 you can apply for a permit but they're oversubscribed, so they're given on a "one out, one in" basis. Ask when you arrive if they'll let you apply for phase 3 in advance!

          There's another free public car park opposite the Fern pub. It's a shame that public transport isn't better - There's only two buses per hour.