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    At least you chaps, to the best of my knowledge, don't have to deal with the "Career advice" bollocks we've got up here in Scotland! (Dundee to be exact, if I must).

    Essentially was a case of churning out qualifications out of the yazoo... Standard Grades, Highers and if you were lucky and determined enough (I wasn't) an advanced higher.... then they decided to completely shift the exam system, scrap 'Standard Grades' and move to 'Nationals' (Levelling from 1-Low to 5/6-High) as well as changing the assessment criteria and examinations for Highers and Nationals! Don't get me bloody started!!

    At the most, we got guidance on "This is a website that helps you... use this poxy programme to see what 'career' would suit you.... maybe create a CV that isn't really going to do much.... and try your luck at this...." Options essentially were Uni, College or Employment or.... Nothing. Very little guidance, or none at all. Didn't really back you when you wanted to see to courses and stuff, but hey-ho.

    If it wasn't for my father taking me along to South-Shields College's open day, I wouldn't have been exposed to the opportunity of a career at sea and getting into working at sea. 5 years, a shift back to Scotland and a HNC college course later.... I'm eventually on track. Eventually. *Relief*
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