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  • Second day test/exam

    Hi all. I am a 24 year old Scottish male who is beginning Warsash as an Engineer (degree route) this september. I am wondering if there is anyone on these forums that is able to tell me/us what the second day Maths test/exam is like. Does it cover everything we have been given to look at before we begin? Is it in an aptitude test style format?

    I look forward to meeting you all :-)

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    Re: Second day test/exam

    I am also starting this September, and I assume the test will cover everything on the CD. It is to test our aptitude; where we can improve and where we did well etc.

    I look forward to meeting you too!


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      Re: Second day test/exam

      Hi, I'll be doing the same course.
      From what I understand it is a basic maths test on all the stuff on that disc they gave us; it is only to judge our abilities though and won't affect the qualification.
      You can trust me,
      I'm a doctor.