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  • Maths on the FD Course

    Hello people, I know people have asked similar questions about this but I would like to clear it up! I haven't done maths since GCSE (got a B) and am slightly worried about the first exam at the academy. I will complete the CD but I'm not massivlely confident with it. How hard is it? Do we get a lot of assitance? What are the consequences of not doing well in the first exam?

    Thanks again guys, its just been playing on my mind!

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    Re: Maths on the FD Course

    I would say that it will do you more good to do badly than to do well on this test.
    If you do well, you may get complacent; if you do badly, you will more likely see where your weaknesses are; and more likely get extra help in fixing them. The point of the test is not to pass; but to let you know where you are.

    I got a D for maths for GCSE btw, but that was a long time ago... I'm now a lot better than that, but more to the point, I understand what people go through getting from that point to a much higher level. So all I can suggest is that you focus on Algebra, Surds, Trig & Geometry, using the resource links on our Wiki (or the K Stroud book).
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      Re: Maths on the FD Course

      Thanks for the reply, that is a big relief to me! Are you FD or HND? I was worried that I may be changed course but it sounds like we get quite a lot of support from the teaching staff. I don't expect it to be easy and I am prepared to work so hard to get good at maths so hopefully I'll be able to learn. I'm better at English which will come in handy for assignments etc...I hope