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Warsash confusion

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  • Warsash confusion

    Hi so I just got all my paper work through the door and there are a few things I'm unsure on.

    Firstly my sponsor is paying for my 1st month of accommodation, does this mean I have to include any payments before I start attending for later accommodation?

    Secondly to do with the uniform, it states that I have ?150 credit to purchase uniform at the end of phase one, will I need to buy the required uniform for college before I attend and then claim it back?

    Any help would be great


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    Harvey, why don't you send an e-mail to your training officer?


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      I have done but was just curious if anyone had any info whilst I was waiting for a reply!


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        Warsash charges for accommodation at the end of the month so no, you shouldn't have to pay up front.

        As for the uniform, different companies have different policies. Some will have uniform ready for you, others will expect you to buy it and reimburse. You should really go to your training manager about that one.

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