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Term Dates Warsash September 2014

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  • Term Dates Warsash September 2014


    Does anybody know the term dates for Warsash this September? (holidays and end dates also)

    Anyone received any correspondence outlining the first week of Phase 1?

    Cant wait to begin.......its been a long and arduous wait!!!!

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    Cant help with the dates but you will be guided through week 1 by David Baker the cadet liaison officer. You'll get shown around campus and have lots of talks in the first few days, the talks can drag but they are there to help you. There are social activities organised through the week as well so everyone can get to know each other better, the day we turned up they had a band in the bar, and we also got a day at paintballing and an afternoon in Southampton checking out Solent uni and checking out the city. On the Friday there was a night out planned by warsash, buses and wristbands were sorted for us. They might have some different stuff planned for you lot but it will probably be similar to what we did in Jan.

    Good luck with phase 1 and enjoy your freedom while you have it


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      If you can make it out, that's the timetable


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        not a scooby what thats all about..haha...

        Looks like a four day week........Pink for sleeping (Wednesday looks tiring)......Blue for for eating...and a bit of grey for classroom?

        Am I close at all?


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          That covers the 3 years pink is college, blue is at sea, red is irrelevant, grey is college holiday!


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            Where is the green?


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              What green?


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                Originally posted by Olly2014 View Post
                Where is the green?
                The green is MCA certification - Orals and that sort of malarkey!

                Not sure if you're in the facebook group or not, but I shall advertise it here anyway --> We have a much nicer photocopy available for download there, which is much easier to read than IPs potato quality photograph. No offence IP...
                Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

                Will work for money/sea time.


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                  Sent him a better one!