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First Term at Warsash

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  • First Term at Warsash

    I understand from the website that for the first term cadets must live on campus. I assume that this is only during the week and that cadets can return home at weekends or is the course week long to get people used to living away from home?

    I'm in the rather fortunate position that I only live a couple of miles from Warsash and have been to Uni before so have done the whole student thing. I'd be happy to live at home as usual and commute to the academy for lessons after my first term.

    Does anyone else know how this works?


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    Re: First Term at Warsash

    Basically, you have to be there during the week. I can see where my house is from the pier, so I will more than likely go home at the weekends and pop over midweek for an evening out. Saying that though, I'm looking forward to getting my maths and physics up to scratch and getting my brain back into learning mode by staying on site. Use the first term as personal training and turn the whole thing into a positive experience.


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      Re: First Term at Warsash

      Steamer if you are an engineer you will quickly find i suspect that there is little time for mid week nights out! Take advantage of the start of term where you will have less lectures. I have had a 9 o clock start every day since easter!


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        Re: First Term at Warsash

        Luckily I'm Deck, and already hold MCA a lot of it is the noggin already-still VERY worried about maths and physics though!!! The other bonus is that I don't drink, early mornings are no probs for me!


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          Re: First Term at Warsash

          I have always been lead to believe that no matter how far from the college you are, they prefer you to live in.
          Discuss it with them. The worst they could do is say no

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