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any HND engineers ?

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  • any HND engineers ?

    Im with anglo eastern HND engineer at warsash(starting in September 2014). Anyone else ?

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    Hey, Im on the Foundation Degree, also with Anglo-Eastern at warsash, who is your sponsor????


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      HND Engineer with Princess Cruises, found one other HND Engineer on Facebook but not found any others, where are they all hiding?

      EDIT: Just realised the person I found on Facebook is you, which leaves two of us still.


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        I'm also doing a HND Engineer Cadetship with Anglo-Eastern, got my ENG1 booked for this Friday and have J & J Denholm as my sponsor, hope to see you lot there!


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          Hi, I'm doing my HND Engineering with TUI UK.


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            Hi Rob, there's a few HND engineers knocking around the facebook group!

            Warsash Cadets starting in September 2014! Meet people, find out who's on your course, dibs the top bunk, call the bigger draw, Beg/blag/plead with someone to run you to asda and debate whether deck...
            Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

            Will work for money/sea time.


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              Originally posted by MrStealth View Post
              Hi Rob, there's a few HND engineers knocking around the facebook group!

              There's also a Mancunian admin who's a bit of a b***end really
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              Anglo-Eastern Cadet sponsored by DAO Shipping. I also like steam engines.