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    I know this has been spoken about before but has anyone actually been able to use the free bus from Emily Davies and staying in like a rented house? Or do they really only let E.D's cadets on it?


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    Is this the bus in Warsash that runs down to the train station area in Southampton?

    I was doing my mates and commuting from home, occasionally by train. I often walked past the free bus, so thought, 'why not?'

    I asked at the admin office if I needed a pass or something as I wasn't a cadet, and I was told "The bus is only for senior students"... I did ask if it was therefore only for persons doing Masters Orals Prep, he did not respond.

    Sorry, pointless anecdote, but my experience leads me to believe they are pretty tight over who the let onboard. Then again, if your a cadet in uniform, in amongst a crowd of other cadets, what are they going to do?


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      My son is at Emily Davies. He got issued a bus pass when he first moved in. The first few days were a bit hit and miss as they did not all have them but once everyone was sorted they were expected to show their pass every time they got on the bus. I don't know if people got refused a ride even if the drivers knew them and they had forgotten their pass, but they were quite strict.

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        I moved out of ED last week so the situation is as follows. Back in September we were issued a bus pass when we moved in but we never had to show it. However for the first few weeks, the driver used to count how many people got on and report it when we stopped at East Park Terrace. Having said that a few friends living in town started using the service and never got refused the ride. The driver is really friendly and will remember you if you get on regularly so I would give it a go!


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          Cheers guys! That helps a lot