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Warsash Passing Out Ceremony

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  • Warsash Passing Out Ceremony

    My cadet is due to finish this summer. Do parents usually attend the passing out ceremony or would the cadets rather they didn't.

    This years date clashes with something else we had planned (typical!) and I don't want to rearrange everything only to be informed 'oh parents don't come to these things anyway'.

    So some advice please on the etiquette would be great.

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    Hi jacloc,

    Yes parents can attend (if they wish). My cousin Passed out last year from WMA and both my Auntie and Uncle attended the event. I think in this case it would be a good idea to contact the college directly. This way you can find out whether you need to get tickets etc. I would be surprised if your son hasn't already been told this!

    Anyway I hope it all goes well and that this reply wasn't too late!

    Hope this helps,