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  • Accommodation Issue


    So I applied for accommodation and they have only just told me that I have been declined and am 10th, Im starting beginning of January and am at sea until end of December, I am a female cadet and the only one on my intake and am a bit stuck. Any advice?

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    Who's your sponsor company? Are you sure they haven't already secured your accommodation? That's what normally happens, and you just get a form to fill out and pay a ?150 to confirm your place. Give your company a ring and check


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      As HW says - check with your sponsor. My son was in Warsash in a shared room in phase 1 and then Emily Davies now for Phase 3 - but he only got confirmation a couple of weeks before - they are a disaster at settling nerves and confirming! He is loving this phase. See if they have space at Emily Davies as it helps in many ways:

      1) you are in town for nights out.
      2) You get a bus to and from college which means you have to spend all your spare time in the library because you cannot go back to your room, so never get behind.
      3) You don't have to eat at the college!

      In phase 1 he lived within his means, and even saved a little, but lost a stone in weight in 4 months. This phase he is living to his means exactly and is eating better (like a king really, thanks to Costco!), and having more fun but working harder.

      I have a feeling he may opt for ED next time he is at college as well - but it does depend on the flat mates you get - he is lucky.
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        the one advantage of staying on campus is you can get up later and don't have to rely on a bus to be on time. Having said that I can't wait to move out... You just have to rough it for a term. I suppose it's good practice for hardships at sea...


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          Accommodation Issue

          Warsash single rooms are great, especially in Blyth. Bit on the expensive side and generally reserved for Ph5 but can't beat it for convenience and, in fairness to Sodexo, standards have gone up.

          OP - I take it you're returning for Ph3? In which case most sponsors don't organise accommodation. It's only pre booked and guaranteed for Ph1. I would try the Warsash housing website to find a private let, appeal on FB to any course mates who are renting a whole house and still have a room and, failing all that, tell the college exactly what your predicament is and they may be able to pull a room on campus out of the hat. Good luck!
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