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Things to do at/nearby Warsash?

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  • Things to do at/nearby Warsash?

    So I'm soon off to Warsash! (Next September but still...)

    I have an enquiry as to what kinds of things there are to when at college? Like, are there any clubs I can join, somewhere I can go sailing or something of the sorts? Any feedback from someone who knows about the area would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sailing definitely, lots of places nearby. It's a fairly quiet and sleepy village, but a bus ride to Southampton and plenty of typical clubs and activities you'd find anywhere.


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      sailing, kayaking, powerboating can all be done at the on site sailing club. There's a badminton club in a school not too far away, about an ?8 cab ride distance. There's also a rather nice beach for going on walks along. Apart from that, like YM said, you have to go into Southampton, but you're eligible to join all the Southampton Solent sports societies. The diving club is a good one. They do fast track for Warsash guys and I've just got my Ocean Diver qualification after only joining at the start of October. Then there are obviously all the clubs and bars in Southampton. Cabs are ?20 each way but it's not too bad if you go out in a group and fill a whole taxi


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        I'm going to Warsash in Sept also, what company you with?

        I'm sure theres plenty of things to do in warsash


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          The bar in Warsash is the bees knees. Was there for a short course and thought it was great, especially the breakfast every morning.


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            Watch a bunch of cadets spend 24 hours in a liferaft on the Solent?
            I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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