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    Hey guys,

    I'm from Lithuania and in 2014, September I'm planing to start my Deck Cadetship in Warsash. Could,anybody, please tell me differences between HND , Degree programme and Foundation degree? Which is the best?

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    Hi there.

    The qualifications are basically exactly the same, the only difference is that with the HND you have to do something called NCFE first (which is portfolio work) before starting the HND. With the HND guys you start doing all the engineering stuff first and the FD guys do the maths stuff first...they say that the HND's go to sea with a better understanding of engineering than the FD's as the FD's have just done maths etc. But don't think that the HND is just a breeze, you have to do what the FD guys do but in your third phase.

    Basically, there is not much of a difference. The only difference comes when you want to top up (IF you want to top up) to a BSc (Degree). The FD people just have to do an extra year, but the HND's have to have a certain amount of sea time and don't have many exceptions for when they do their "tickets".

    I hope that helps a little bit and I am sure some people will be adding



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      My understanding is that the exemptions available for Chief Mate examinations are soon to be disbanded for FD Deckies?


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        They are introducing a new written exam in 2017. It remains to be seen whether or not the exemption will still apply but quite possibly not.


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          If someone has the time can you please explain what are these exemptions you are talking about?


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            As it stands if you are undertaking a FD course (PD in Scotland) then you do not have to sit written exams at OOW or Chief Mate level. However as of 2017 it looks like they are probably going to get rid of the exemption for chief mate level. The exemption at OOW will remain I think.