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  • Exam in September

    Hi all fellow Warsash people!

    For those of us starting in September we have an exam on the 11th. Is there anyone in second phase that can tell us about the exam etc??

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    This is interesting. I assume it's related to the stuff on the prep download?

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      The prep download just gives you a general "what you should know how to do in maths), but I was just wondering if anyone had done it before etc. I am sorry for the confusion but this is for the HND route but I can only PRESUME that the FD lot also have a maths exam.


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        I wouldn't call it an exam... more of a "test". Basically it just tests your level of maths to see where you are. It's really nothing to worry about. The mark has very little to do with anything, other than seeing who might need additional help with maths.

        Obviously, I'd still recommend that you do your best because maths is integral to both the deck and engine courses and the more you can learn before you start the better.
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