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    Hi Everyone.

    I have been weighing up an offer I have received to attend Warsash starting January, but I'm a bit concerned about the transport links. I know in Phase 1, I need to stay in halls anyway, but for Phase 3 I would probably private let. I seen on the website that there is a free bus that runs from Southampton Solent Uni to Warsash in the morning and then back again at different times through the day, but it states:

    "The intercampus bus service is intended for the following groups:
    1. Students based at City Campus who need to travel to Warsash Campus as part of their course of study, a bus pass will be arranged by faculty administrator
    2. WMA students based at Warsash Campus who require access to City Campus facilities, a bus pass will be arranged by faculty administrator
    3. Staff travel between campus to undertake work duties, staff campus card to be used as bus pass Faculty staff ? please email [email protected] to arrange a bus permit for eligible students."

      Is it easy enough to get a bus pass from the faculty administrator? I know there is a bus from Emily Davies, but I would be private let.

      Any info would be much appreciated.

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    You will struggle to get a bus pass for the morning / evening service (there are normally a lot of cadets / other students staying in the university halls in Solent who booked them through WMA - they are allocated bus spaces first)...

    There is plenty of accommodation in the vicinity of WMA for private renting ( is the web site I believe).
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      Thanks for the quick reply, thought the chances would be pretty slim. Suppose theres no harm in chancing getting a bus pass when the time comes. I would be living with my partner so would need to have a mutually convenient location, so thought been around the city centre (or within very easy access of)would be ideal.

      Seen there is an hourly public bus no4 i think, same with the train with the station miles off, so not ideal but do-able.

      Anyone live in Southampton(not halls) while at college? How do you travel to college?


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        I lived in Southampton, but I had a car so not much of an issue. During phase 3, I often caught the Bus from ED though, they never checked for a bus pass, to be honest, I was not aware until now that you needed one.


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          Push bike?
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            Haha, not sure I want to turn up to college sweating after an hours cycle in uniform, although it would be nice to get the fitness up! Maybe would be worth my while getting a wee run around, just the costs of insurance, tax, fuel and that to factor in!

            Thanks for the replies guys, lots to ponder on!