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Fridges in Shackleton Accom's?

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  • Fridges in Shackleton Accom's?

    I guess as an HND Deck (Minor 17 in Sept) I will be berthed in Shackleton.
    Is it usual to bring a Fridge or not? Don't suppose there is a lot of room, especially if my room mate has one as well. Also should I bring extension chords for Laptop etc?


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    If you have quite a lot of electrical kit, then it might be an idea to bring one of those 4-plug dealies. If it's just your laptop and a phone charger you'll be fine - there's a few sockets each.

    Lots of people bring fridges, lots don't. Up to you really. Might be an idea to wait and see if your room mate has one and how much space you have. There were people last year who brought full size fridges!
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      The small beer fridge type are fine, and I would say that they are a MUST. Especially if you don't want to eat the crap that is provided every day.
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