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    Hi, an aspiring in September Phase 1 Deck Cadet (17yrs) from the IoW, I notice on the dining schedule that on weekends the restaurant doesn't open until 11.00 and that's for Brunch, then Lunch at Noon. Accepting that I will be having Breakfast & Dinner 7 days a week, is full board worth the extra?


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    I found that I had plenty of money to last me the week on a 5 day ticket. It does mean that you need to find your own food at the weekends. Mates of mine with 7 day tickets used to complain that had too much money left over and since it's not carried over to the next week felt they were losing out.

    However, having provided meals at the weekend is a bonus

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        I had a 5 day tickets and it was fine. You can still get food at the canteen at the weekends if you want you just have to pay for it if you have used all the cash on your card. The food at the weekend did seem to be worse than in the week on the few occasions i ate there at weekends.
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