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  • S'ton Solent Clubs & Intramural Leagues

    I know there's already a thread about clubs but I hope it'll be okay for me to make one that's more specific.

    I've read various posts about how hard it is to get over to Southampton or how you might get over there..

    [questions split into three topics]

    [1] So despite the difficulty, does anyone studying at Warsash manage to get over to meet with a sports club at the university? I'd like to know what training it is you manage to attend regularly enough and how you get over there.

    [2] Similarly for the intramural leagues, I'm particularly interested in football and futsal leagues.. Is it difficult for Warsash cadets to attend these games? How about the possibility of joining a team that is not completely made of cadets (so that the team can keep going, only being down one or two players, when cadets are on the sea phase)?

    [3] Those people who were talking about a Warsash cadets football team they made, who do you get to play against? How often do you play? And with the football playing cadets from the whole of WMA, how many teams has that added up to in the past?

    I'm only trying to get an idea of what's possible. I know I would be able to find plenty to do just in Warsash.
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