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Starting in September 2011!

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  • Starting in September 2011!

    Hi everyone,

    I hope to be starting in september on the Fd Deck course. Hopefully i should either have SSTG/CMT/Princess as my sponsor, depending on how well my interviews go.

    Just wondered what life was like for new cadets; whether theres normally lots of new cadets, what things usually happen during phase one etc...?


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    Re: Starting in September 2011!

    Unfortunately, I'm not about to shed some light on some of the questions you posted, but thought I'd chip in and say I'm also hoping to begin in September - just the medical to nail now!

    Exciting times.


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      Re: Starting in September 2011!

      Loads of new cadets start, and you can tell they're new because they look lost, confused, and have immaculate uniform on haha. I was doing the pd course, Scottish equivalent. You'll do celestial navigation, navigational maths & science, stability, naval architecture, bridge watchkeeping, ITAS, chartwork & tides, cargo operations, & meteorology (not sure if I missed any). Also, there's your STCW 95 short courses in first aid, fire fighting, pssr, and pst (and possibly tanker fam). There's a huge difference between the PD and alternative route, so a lot more studying involved.
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        Re: Starting in September 2011!

        Quick replies.

        80 to over 100 per intake so alot of new people.

        1st week induction with lectures which are mainly variations on the themes of dont be late/get drunk stagger home at 2am and puke in your roomies bunk and dont upset the locals.

        2nd week introduction to the individual subjects and what you will be doing.

        3rd week you actually start getting taught stuff.

        1 month of standing outside with all the new types with the register taken and any issues of the day to be communicated it is called muster.

        Lots of Maths.

        Anything else in particular PM and ill do my best to answer.
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          Re: Starting in September 2011!

          80 - 100 . september usually 100-200 If i rember rightly (this was at STC mind )
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