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    I see that there is a boxing club running on the Thursday at Solutions. I'm curious to know what its like. Anyone on here involved in this? Is it mainly fitness and padwork or is there any sparring which goes on?


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    Re: Boxing Club

    they have 3 bags there one of which is a 6ft bag. There is a speed ball.. I have never been to the boxing club as I am more into Muay Thai. However they do pad work.. and I am sure they do sparring.. however they do not have a ring.

    The gym is pretty good, they have skipping ropes.. gloves (bring ur own tho) and pads. Im pretty sure there is ground work lessons either Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    The boxing club can be pretty full at times. but check it out!
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      Re: Boxing Club

      I don't mean to go off topic but since you say you like Muay Thai are there any good Muay Thai clubs around Warsash?