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  • Accommodation

    One of my 'board of trade aquaints' is off to Warsash next May for the Chief Mates course, and has some queries about accommodation. Having never been to Warsash myself, except for a couple of short courses that is, I can't really help him.
    Now he's at sea just now, so I've been trying to find out whats available and have perused the Warsash accommodation website.
    Can any of the Warsash contingent offer any advice/recommend anywhere?
    Hamblemeads, whilst nice, is a bit expensive if you're planning to stay there for a few months and I presume the Halls of Residence are for cadets only? At Shields there are rooms available in the halls for Mates/Masters at the same rates as the cadets, does a similar setup exist at Warsash?
    It seems that there is quite a range of landlords/ladys offering individual rooms on a lodging basis, again anyone have any thoughts on that side?
    I've tried getting hold of someone on the accommodation side but am not having much luck.

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    Re: Accommodation

    I do believe that any person on a course here can choose to stay in any of the halls of residence. I don't think it'd be a very pleasant experience, however... the nightlife is poor, the quality and standard of accommodation is very poor and the price is on the high side for what it is.
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      Re: Accommodation

      If you want to stay on campus and are not a cadet, then you have to stay in Hamblemeads (be thankful even a week in the Shack and you'd pay anything to get out!) It is a lot of money however, so best bet is to find a local B&B or something similar. (I haven't actually seen any B&B's around but there might be one hidden away). I thought that companies payed for your accommodation, especially if on site, but then everyone is different.
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        Re: Accommodation

        Blyth and Shackleton are actually open to those here for higher CoCs/short courses/etc..., not just cadets. You just see very few around because most know of the perils of the WMA residences.
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          Re: Accommodation

          Many thanks for the above,
          I should think Hamblemeads is out of the question, as going by their room rates the monthly bill would be circa ?1800!