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Can you choose Warsash?

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  • Can you choose Warsash?

    Hi all,

    I am preparing to start sending out my applications for sponsorship very soon.

    I have seen that sponsors choose your college and potentially will send you to a more distant one in order to let you acclimatise with living away from home.

    Since leaving home at 18 I have spent the majority of time working and living abroad and so have no issues with being away from home for long periods.

    I am, however, very keen to attend Warsash college and live a little closer to home for a change (I'm from Gosport).

    How likely is it that i can arrange this with a sponsor?



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    They probably won't treat you any different to a 16 year old who has never left home and a 40 year old who has done 22 years in the Royal Navy. Some sponsors have preference colleges (nearer to their office), smaller sponsors prefer their cadets to be in one certain college, SSTG/Clyde Marine seem to place you somewhere based on a roll of the dice and sometimes it all comes down to which college has spaces left.

    Being keen to live a little closer to home during your college time (even after proving you can work away) might be a red light to the sponsor that you won't be up to spending 4 months on their container ship. So you'd need to approach the subject carefully if you do want to ask! Goodluck!


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      Thanks Gibbs. The facilities and link with the universities resources were also large selling points, as well as not having to relocate on what is going to be a decent drop in income. I'll just have to do my best to sway them when it comes to the interviews.


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        You might be lucky. Four cadets on my course (two SSTG and two Clyde) are living at home. If the sponsor doesn't use that college then the answer is no! Of course, some sponsors only use one college but I'd only recommend that if there is literally no other way you can do a cadetship. I guess it largely depends on whether you're currently in rented accomm with not much stuff, or whether you have a mortgage on a home you've invested a lot of time and money in. Family will make a big difference - although wife and kids will have to put up with you being away at sea for a few months at a time when qualified, it's a bit different being sent to the other end of the country for a six month college phase and then at the end of that getting about six hours notice to be at the airport for a four month sea phase.

        Bear in mind that a cadet allowance will go further up north than down south, and your sponsor will almost certainly pay for your travel up there. And do you really want to commute from Gosport to Southampton every day?!


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          I'm with SSTG and they let me live in Gosport and commute to Warsash/Southampton.

          I'd only recommend it if you've got a decent support network at home because it'll naturally leave you a little excluded if your classmates all live close together. But if you're reasonably self-motivated it shouldn't have a negative effect on your course progress. In fact, not being able to go home in the gaps between lectures has probably been good for me, because it's been an incentive to pop into the library more often.

          I was asked about my living situation and financial plans during the interview and we had a decent chat about the adjustments I was anticipating to my lifestyle. I found them very accommodating.

          The commute is pretty grotty, mind. In an ideal world I'd already be living closer to Southampton, but we have to do the best with what we have.