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Warsash Parking

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  • Warsash Parking

    Hi all,

    As many of you will be aware, estates and facilities is pretty awful when it comes to sorting out parking at Warsash. The sign says you need a permit to park 24/7 yet they let anyone park 9-5 on weekdays. Parking after this means you receive a ticket for £80 even though you are probably just studying. Park offsite and similar rules apply, you block up streets and you get fined by the hourly patrols from Fareham council. A number of cadets have had issues with local residents, including physical assaults over the parking situation.

    Something needed to be done. Introducing a no fee liason service between local residents and students to sort out the parking crisis at your local education establishments. If you are frustrated with the lack of onsite 24/7 parking and bored with having to walk miles to your car (and the subsequent tickets), let us know and we'll add you to a list that will be sent to interested residents, many of whom have lots of free space on their properties. Of course, whilst there is no fee for our service, residents will probably charge a monthly fee for the rental but we'll leave that as a private arrangement between student and homeowner! We look forward to happier students, less congested streets and fewer parking fines!

    If you are interested please message us on our facebook page at


    ParkWMA Team