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New home confirmed for Warsash Officer Cadets

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  • New home confirmed for Warsash Officer Cadets

    Any comments

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    At least they've announced something definite at last. It will be a shame for the WMA campus to leave the current location - it's a nice environment and is perfect for cadets who want the opportunity to take a boat out on the water. Warsash did need some investment - some of the teaching buildings were grotty and the cadet accommodation was a bit grim. I think the workshops are bigger at the new site also.


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      It's in a nice location.....but will the new one be better for cadets overall...


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        Warsash move
        SSTG have received a letter from the Vice Chancellor
        Professor Graham Baldwin Solent University, stating
        that cadet teaching provision will be delivered from
        dedicated premises in the Austen Building at
        Southampton City College from September 2017. In
        addition they are also starting on refurbishment of the
        Reginald Mitchell building on the University campus
        East Park Terrace to include labs, workshop and
        Simulators. Follow link for interactive map of
        facilities at City College: https://www.southampton- . SSTG are reserving judgment on
        this move as this is a year earlier than originally
        planned and it would appear that Warsash will now be
        in three centres, sounds like it could be a time tabling
        nightmare waiting to happen.


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          Warsash Maritime Academy,
          Latest Update
          This month, Southampton Solent
          University, of which Warsash
          Maritime Academy is a part, has
          issued the latest update on the plans
          to relocate some of the teaching to
          Southampton City Centre.
          The statement says that cadet
          teaching provision will be delivered
          from dedicated premises, in the
          Austen building at Southampton
          City Centre College from
          September 2017. This is much
          earlier than previously indicated,
          with previous reassurances provided
          that any move would not affect
          cadets who commenced training last
          Further refurbishment work is also
          being undertaken to the Reginald
          Mitchell building on the Campus at
          East Part Terrace, a 10 minute walk
          away from the Austen Building.
          The university has expressed its
          confidence that these changes will
          now happen. The Vice-Chancellor
          has said the changes will:
          “enhance an outstanding
          student experience, offer value
          for money and sustainability
          and maximise industry
          engagement and prospects.”
          The industry remains far from
          convinced that the changes will
          provide the benefits the university
          are expecting.
          Warsash has always been
          synonymous with quality maritime
          training, and it will be interesting to
          see if the industry continues to
          support the establishment to the
          same extent as in the past.


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            Do you think this an investment by solent or the beginning of a decline at Warsash


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              I think it's both good and bad. On the positive side, the students will have single rooms in dedicated halls of residence, and a city centre location which will allow them to fully engage with student life. Honestly, the idea of not having to make the choice of living in Southampton for the benefits whilst dealing with a hellish commute, or living on or near campus and having to pay £30 for a taxi back of an evening is a lovely thing to have. I tried both, neither was much fun, so I think in that regard the city centre campus will be good for students.

              On the negative the current campus is actually a nice place to be, and the loss of the location, history and surroundings of warsash will be sad to see. I also think plonking a load of Cadets in the middle of a city full of bars is going to have a dodgy effect on grades!