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  • Electrical equipment..

    From what I understand after reading the handbook for those staying in Dr Winterbottom halls, any electrical item you have in the room has to be PAT certified.. this is how I read it as anyway

    Anybody know if this is the case?

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    Re: Electrical equipment..

    I should imagine so. However, they should send someone round in the first few days to do the PAT test for you.
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      Re: Electrical equipment..

      I've been involved in the mystic art of PAT at a large institution; and have been associated with the IET.

      "It is not a legal requirement to have attended a course or gained a qualification in order to PAT Test."

      It's funny... Portable Appliance Testing is complete bollocks really. The machines used for it are made by what sounds like a marine electronics testing company (Seaward)... it makes sense offshore I suppose, but onshore it seems pointless; more to the point the 1989 Act is pretty vague about it.
      "The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) requires 'All electrical systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any danger'. "

      That banal quango the HSE states that equipment is only required by the act to be maintained; not to be subjected to an elaborate testing regime. Just deploy your twin optical transducer analysis devices (your eyes).

      Any staff there who suggest otherwise have succumbed to bureacracitis; or are just idiots.

      If they send someone round to me, I'll just point and laugh.
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        Re: Electrical equipment..

        It may not be a leagal requirement but I bet it's an insurance one. As such not much you can do but they will send the bloke round to do the testing, however from last time I was there the trips are set so light I cannt see what the problem is!
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          Re: Electrical equipment..

          I got a reply from the Halls, they sort out any testing for items over 12months of age for you, so you dont have to organise it beforehand