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  • part time work Shields

    Hey, thought i might start this thread for people moving to the area looking for additional work, on top of the cadetship.. after all, you might need some extra ??'s to get the tinnies in! If anyone spies any more part time opportunitys be great to share them below.

    Casual lifeguard for south tyneside pools
    (0 hr contract so you'l be able to pick up as much of as little work as you need, depending on whats available)

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    I knew a cadet who worked part time at the bar called Trocaderos, dont know what it paid.
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      We all lived happily with ample booze money. Trocs was ?1 a drink on a student night but that rose to ?1.50 so we boycotted it. Certainly takes a brave man to work there... Not the classiest place ever.


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        Trocs is like a little slice of heaven compared to Glitter Ball though...


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          Trocs is an interesting place to say the least, but its cheap so can't really complain! I know theres a company that do the photography work and shots in the clubs that are usually hiring, although the pay is commission based.
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            The Leisure industry is second to none for part-time/casual work for students! I've worked in North Tyneside Council, Newcastle City Council and Gateshead Council and all are very flexible providing you have the required credentials i.e. NPLQ (lifeguard qual.) and usually a Gym Instructor Level 2 will boost your chances of getting hours. The pay is always above the national minimum which is a bonus too! Usually about ?7-8/h with time and a half on weekends!

            Obviously you need the NPLQ which when I was running them cost around ?200, but I'm not sure what South Tyneside Council charge. However courses are frequent and I'm sure you all have a cheeky nest egg somewhere to help your cause =)

            Happy job hunting!


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              Mark i've worked for NTC for over 6 years now, upwards of ?9p/h so defo cant complain. Anyone fancies doing lifeguard work can pm me an i'll find out when the courses are running.