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    Re: Joining Instructions

    i guess when your phase is up your room will go to the people starting then as there is a march intake. so it looks like you will be lugging your Stuff back home
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      Re: Joining Instructions

      yeee, i'm making a point of taking my stuff down on the train instead of getting a lift, just so I know when i need to head home before sea I can pack up my room and be on the move eailsy


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        Re: Joining Instructions

        I've not had any instructions throuigh yet. For those that have, did they mention anything about wearing uniform in college, and what that consists of etc.
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          Re: Joining Instructions

          black or grey trousers (proper school ones ;0 )
          White shirt, tie (normally company one or black)
          Blazer, black or navy blue with company badge on pocket (if company do them)
          I think wholley pulleys are alowed been a while though!

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