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Accommodation in the Halls or a local hotel?

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  • Accommodation in the Halls or a local hotel?

    Hi All

    I'm booked in for a course starting mid march for 10 days. I have spoken to the accomodation staff and they have told me, there are rooms available over that period. I have looked at the web site and seen it is described as a 'very basic' study room with wifi available. Is the wifi free or does it cost? I have seen threads talking of senior officer accommodation, would this be like a mess/wardroom on a naval base and as a serving Chief submariner would I get in there?

    One advantage of dragging bedding up all the way from Plymouth will be I am there, on the grounds with only a short walk to the course. Will it be worth me booking in at a local hotel instead for more comfort and privacy? I am looking at one round the corner called The Sir William Fox Hotel, price is of no consequence as it's part of my resettlement package from the RN (well, I say that but they won't pay 200 a night!!!).

    Any 'mature' students have some insight into this please? Halls or hotel??

    Thanks in advance


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    Halls don't get a good write up. The senior block is just a block of rooms that senior marine guys stay in, no mess rooms or the likes. You do get a tiny kitchen with a TV shared between 20 odd guys. Food is terrible at the college cafe...... The halls can often be noisey with pissed up phase 1 cadets etc (I know because I was one) so all in all, if money is no object i'd recommend a hotel i've never heard of the one you mentioned so cant comment Certainly more luxurious than a submarine, but not particularly amazing


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      Try here maybe:

      close to the college and not a bad place to stay


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        The other option would be the shared houses rented out on a weekly basis to marine students doing their higher tickets.

        This one is minimum of 4 weeks though.
        Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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          Thanks Guys!