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Companies Training at South Tyneside College

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  • Companies Training at South Tyneside College

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for companies which train at south tyneside college on request. Where does BP train etc?


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    Theirs no guarantee, company's send cadets all over and are unlikely to send you to your requested. Although a few company's did send cadets to STC that lived near it, was mersk and princess but just coincidence


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      I asked SSTG to send me to Glasgow. They sent me to Glasgow. On reflection maybe I should've gone somewhere else.

      In any case its a bit of a lottery. Some companies will allow you to state a preference and adhere to that, some companies will just send you wherever. With the demand for cadetships as high as it is at the moment I would just apply everywhere and see what happens.


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        BP send cadets to either Warsash or STC, I am sure you would be able to request STC if you got offered a place with them.


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          BP are sending me to Fleetwood but they could have easily sent me to warsash.


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            Whoops - forgot about Fleetwood! Both BP and Shell do not send any cadets to Glasgow.


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              Yeah, I live 15 minutes away, I even drive past it on my way to my Sea Cadets, another reason I don't want to make away for a full 3 years, would they take something like the Sea cadets into consideration?