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  • Flat mate/mates wanted

    Hi everyone at STC,

    I am going to be starting my first phase at STC on the 10th and will be heading down this weekend to arrange flat appointments as I don't want to live in halls. I am 22, have been to uni and halls never appealed to me which is why I want a flat. Just wondering if anyone who will be there if they haven't got accom sorted is looking for a potential flat mate.

    PM if you're interested.


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    Just in case you've not already found them by google, the two main letting agents around the college are the letting group and Moody & Co. Moodys admin fee is lower.

    Are you sure you don't need to stay in halls?
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      if you stay in halls until november time i know of a good spacious 3 bedroomed flat that im presuming will be up for rent 2 minute walk from the college, my brother and a couple others are renting it now but there tennancy agreement finishes in november as they're off to sea


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        I spoke to Clydemarine and they said they weren't sure and that they think it's fullly booked. I am ringing tomorrow just to make sure though.