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  • Now I'm nervous

    With all this talk about how horrible the food and halls are I think I'm more worried than excited. I know it's only a place to sleep Pretty much but the details the college sent me definitely made them sounds nicer, common room with sky sports, pool table etc. And people saying the food is horrible aswell.. I just hope the quality of the college makes up for it

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    As a place to sleep the halls are fine theres some stupid rules that do seem pointless but its just a case of following them. As for the food its rare that you wont be able to find something that you can eat but for the fitness freaks theres not tuna steaks and a lack of chips. Im sure you could probably get chips for breakfast if you really wanted to.

    The pool table, darts, table tenis all dissapeared last year as they used the space for the contractors who were ungrading the showers however they should be back and tis a good way to go pass the time.

    As for the Sky Sports last year they had moved it into the bar for some reason trying to justify its cost was better spent over there, I had a bit of an issue with them over this as the only reason it would be cheaper is we would be buying drinks which would offset the cost. given that its not open 24/7 like the common rooms it also then is a bit of an arse if there was something particular that you wished to watch when the place was closed. But maybe they have seen the error of their ways and moved it back if not then demand a good answer for the reason why they are falsely advertising services.
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