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  • September 2018 intake

    long way off i know guys nearly a year.
    But if you are starting at south tyneside college 2018 in september it would be cool to add you on FB or something. Im starting with PG tankers as a deck cadet then. but yeah, very early i know. Hit me up if you are starting around then

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    Just a word of advice to everyone starting in Sept. 2018. Make sure to book your room as early as you can if you want to go for the en suite option, they are very popular.

    A,B (Under 18s only),C,D and E Blocks are non-ensuite and non catered meaning you will share toilet and shower facilities and will have £8 credited to your student card every day for food.

    If you have to chose from any of the non-ensuite blocks I would avoid C block. The other blocks have rooms twice the size as they were originally made for two people sharing one room. Not the case now.

    Food for thought,
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      If you've already been offered cadetship at this stage- I'd have a word with your Training officer in regards to halls booking now. See if they can secure En-Suite Non-Catered (Approx £462/Month). With the PG pay-increase to £700/month (4-Week month) leaves you a reasonable sum for self-catering and all that loveliness.

      Again, merely adding to Vovin's point, but it's something to definitely secure immediately as best as possible.
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        Depending on your Sponsoring Company and age you may prefer to live out of Halls. If this is the case look at my posting on Accomodation. It is cheaper than living in Halls and may suite you better.


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          Necro-posting, but that's me here now. Shields is ace!