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Lowestoft College

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  • Lowestoft College

    I'm considering to get chief mate /master exam in lowestoft college in UK..anybody know how good is the college and ideas about the course in above college..pleased to value your ideas....thank you...

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    I did a signals exam there years ago. The people were nice, but the college is in the middle of nowhere.
    Why Lowestoft? - why not any other UK college? - or Australia as per your other post?
    I would think that the class sizes in Lowestoft would be small, which would be an advantage, but you would probably have to sit the horrible scotvec exams... where was your OOW CoC issued?
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      Didnt even know there was a marine college there! It is a bit out of the way....
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        I did my General R/T course there back in the 80's. Having come from a big established college I was a bit disappointed at what they offered. I passed, but would have preferred to do any course elsewhere.

        But that was a long time ago.

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