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Open day - 23rd June

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  • Open day - 23rd June

    Hey guys

    Just wondering who's going to the open day, or who's going to be there (current students)?

    I'm flying down from Manchester (Air Southwest) tomorrow morning. The plane lands at 10:55 at Plymouth City Airport, so hopefully I should be at the Uni by 11:30. Flight leaves at 16:00, so I have book the taxi from Taxifast for 14:45. So I should get a few good hours down there. I think all the marine studies (merchant shipping) stuff will be in the portland square building, but does anyone know if this is true for the open day?

    Cheers guys

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    Re: Open day - 23rd June

    Most of the marine studies stuff is in the fitzroy building I think. At least thats where I've always gone for the talks and stuff, cos then they let you play on the simulator

    As far as I remember the portland square building was just lecture theatres and rooms, so not marine studies specific.


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      Re: Open day - 23rd June

      Hey Schancky! How did it go today?


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        Re: Open day - 23rd June


        It went FANTASTIC!!!! Absolutely loved it. Everyone was so friendly, and the Simulator was awesome! I also had a chance to look around the library, and I was surprised to see so many books specific to the degree, It really made me feel that the Uni consider it as important.

        The campus is lovely. I really like the modern look of it, but it also feels really "homely" if you get what I mean :P

        Air Southwest were fantastic, Manchester to Plymouth city in under 2 hours (via Bristol). I got there and home 10 mins early both ways, and Taxifast were superb as well! Overall it was a fantastic day, and I really cannot wait to start (another year yet )

        Please pass on my thanks to the staff that made it such an excellent day!



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          Re: Open day - 23rd June


          Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

          By the time you get there the new Marine Sciences building should be built which means a brand new state of the art simulator suite amongst some other cool stuff including a big indoor wave pool to test ship models and renewable energy research.

          I have always got the train down from Manchester and Chester, It's a long journey at 6ish hours but the links are good and regular so I can't complain!

          It's the staff at Plymouth that really make the course what it is. They all have very different teaching styles and expertise along with a vast amount of experience at sea.

          The Uni itself is doing really well to modernise and move forward. It isn't ideal always having building work going on on campus but at least you know the facilities are constantly improving!

          I may just see you in my final year!