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Is it possible to change colleges (to another country)?

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  • Is it possible to change colleges (to another country)?

    I'm currently at Warsash Maritime Academy; 2 years into my training. I have one year to go. I know probably it is pointless me even asking, but I figured there was no harm in trying. I was wondering if it's possible to change schools for my final year? I absolutely hate my current school, and I have a very good friend who's a Captain and lives in romania so I was wondering if it's possible to change to a romanian school. But do they use the english language? This is the problem. I presume not...
    Anyway, if anyone could shed any light on this subject it would be grately appreciated. Thanks.

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    I think the answer to that would be no. You are training under the UK system and would qualify for a UK COC, a certificate which is coveted by most people from other countries, moving to Romania to complete your college side of things would be a non-starter.

    If you hate Warsash so much then it wouldn't be too difficult to move to another UK college, however, with only 1 more year to go my advice would be head down and stay where you are to get it finished. After you have passed you can move wherever you like, although let the Daily Mail know - they would love a story about someone from the UK going to Romania as apposed to the other way round. ;-)