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Student maintenance loan and course codes.

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  • Student maintenance loan and course codes.

    Has anyone attending Fleetwood applied for a student maintenance loan this year and where did people find the right UCAS codes?
    I am looking for the UCAS code for the Fd Engineering qualification but cant find it anywhere.

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    I don't think our degree is applicable, I may be wrong and will check tomorrow, but due to the fact we go to sea, it's not considered full time education and some grants/loans won't apply. For example I believe we can't get a student bank account until phase three due to the course length in phase one or somthing as such. Considering we have 30+ hours a week while my friends on a 'full time' Geog. degree do 14 hours a week at a push, it seems a bit unfair...

    Though I'll check tomorrow and see if I can't shed more light on the matter.
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      As someone who has tried to get some funding I can confirm that the course is not considered full-time. The odd thing is that HND is considered full-time later during the course.

      I was told by SAAS (the Student Awards Agency for Scotland) that the reason why it's down as a part-time course is thanks to the College. They are the ones who decide what the course is classed as.


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        With the money that you get from your sponsoring company, there should not be any need for a loan. However, some people find it helps. For the HNC/HND course at Fleetwood you cannot get a student loan for phase 1 but you can for phase 3.

        Minimum that companies give is about ?650 per month (some are lower). -?460 (or whatever you pay for rent over 4 weeks - a 5 week month is not ?460) = ?190. You get 2 meals/day (brekkie & evening meal) so -?80 (1 month lunch - McDonalds, Refectory, Asda wherever you wanna get lunch) = ?110 free to spend.

        Of course it doesn't leave you with much if your receiving the bottom end of the payscale for cadetships but enough to get by, providing your sensible.
        Hope that helps in any way, kinda how my budget worked out with a few alterations.
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