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    Hi guys,

    I attended the opening evening but didn't really venture around much, I was mainly chatting to sponsoring companies.
    I have now been offered a place at Fleetwood college by Bibbys and I start in September so I was just wondering

    what facilities the college has (does it have a gym what things inside the college can you do to pass time when you're not in lesson or studying)

    Also who else is going to be joining me in September ?



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    The college is pretty basic. It has a pool table, TV and table tennis table. There are lots of things organised by the college to go at night though, ranging from swimming, shooting, diving, badminton, skiing and others.

    There is a few local gyms but none on campus. Fleetwood as a town has a few pubs and Blackpool is a short tram journey away.
    Chiefly the chief


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      The main college gym is at Bispham and is only a tenner a month, 10min car journey and is pretty decent. The training tank normally has kayaking and swimming on after hours and we have a big field out the back, you can borrow football/rugby balls etc. The college itself is just outside fleetwood and will cost you a fiver in a taxi, unfortunately there is not much within walking distance right next to the college itself tho. We also have a college bar open wed-sat which most people take full advantage!


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        If I remember rightly, the pool (ah, "survival tank") gets opened once a week. Short of that, the YMCA on the other end of Fleetwood has a good pool and gym and is open until the evening most days. You can easily get there on the tram.


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          Josh heres a link to the sept 2013 fleetwood starters facebook page see you there