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Roll Call - September 2012

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  • Roll Call - September 2012

    heyyy, just got my letter telling me i'm heading here in september!

    I'm Kirsty, 20 from Glasgow, an Engine cadet sponsored by Maersk, and i'm doing the FD

    SO EXCITED! ha
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    Hiyaaa how ye doing ? Got my letter Yesterday aswell

    Names Ross, 16 from Wick (far North Highlands :P), Decky wae Maersk studying HND

    Can't wait to get things on the go


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      Hi Guys,

      Nice to see you both looking forward to going to Fleetwood. It's not 100% that I'll se sent to Fleetwood as the powers that be haven't completely decided yet, but I think it's the top choice at the minute.

      Name's Ben, 23 from Derby, Engine Cadet with RFA studying FD.

      Today is my last day as a Web designer I can't wait to get started on a proper career. We have 2months at the Britannia Royal Naval College though starting next month, and then I've heard we might be doing a firefighting course, so if I survive that I'll see you all at Fleetwood!

      P.S. I think the idea of all wearing carnations would be hilarious!
      I beard, therefore I am.


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        Carnations it is!

        I am in exactly the same boat (pun definitley intended) as Ben 99.9% sure of fleetwood. I am 28 Deck Cadet with the RFA studying FD.


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          Im starting in September as a Deck Cadet (Foundation Degree Route) with SSTG and sponsored by TUI UK. P[assed my medical a few weeks ago just waiting to confirm my accomodation.

          See you in September


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            Congrats niyall22 see you there!


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              hi should see you there!
              im reuben, 16, deck with pntl
              congrats to everyone so far!!


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                Got my Clyde contract today so its time for me to make a big decision between Clyde and SSTG


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                  Got confirmation from CMT the other day that I'll be going to Fleetwood in September doing the FD Deck route. See you all soon, exciting stuff!


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                    Hi Im Joe Deck Cadet with Princess Cruises, see you all there


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                      I am definitley there, cannot wait to get started


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                        Hi got confirmation of starting at fleetwood in January but got a phone call today saying I'd now be starting in September, hoping I can get everything sorted in such short notice :P I'm James, 17 training with cmt see you all there


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                          Morning Ladies and Gents,
                          I'm Josh, hopefully getting finalised for Engine Cadetship with James Fisher. Looking forward to seeing you lot and the first 6 months in the "Rabbit Hutches". See you all in september.

                          Goat out.