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Roll Call - Sept 2011

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    Re: Roll Call - Sept 2011

    Regarding the start date, i was told go down on sun 11th sept to start on the 12am from the college. I hope so anyway as I don't get off my ship this summer till the 5th :-/

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      Hi all,

      HND, male, Seatruck Ferries, 16...can't wait!


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        Welcome Jack, I'm not a Fleetwood-ian but curious about the Irish connection? Come and introduce yourself in the Hello Sailor forum!
        Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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          Hi all,

          DeckOfficerWannabe - Fd Deck - Male - Princess Cruises - 18

          See you all in September!!


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            Provided I pass my medical in the next two weeks, I should be there.

            D-Triv - Fd Eng - Male - OOCL - 18


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              Hey guys

              Sam (or shep not fussed which)
              HND deck operations

              So how many more maersk cadets are going in september?


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                Speaking to the college they have agreed to accept 7 maersk cadets this september
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                  Nighthood - FD Deck - Male - Anglo Eastern (Rio Tinto) - 18

                  Looking forward to it actually, if I manage to sort out all of this paperwork. The Fleetwood booklet took ages to get sent out. :/


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                    Im with Rio Tinto as well! do you know which ship you're on with them? Mine's Clare ?!?


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                      That part was a bit weird. It says "Claire" and the number 9305087, so I had thought that was the ship, but on a whim I googled it, and it came up with this:

                      It has the same name (though with a slightly different spelling), and the same number, so I figure this is the one it was meant to be. Thing is, that's registered with Hadley shipping, which is a different sponsor to Rio Tinto. So I don't know if that really is our ship or not.

                      Sherlock Holmes, eat your heart out.


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                        I did the same thing, i reckon it was just spelt wrong

                        Well its a bulk carrier and Rio Tinto's a mining company so thats a good sign.

                        By the looks of google Hadley Shipping is just a logistics company. So i'm guessing Rio Tinto use them and then Hadley Shipping uses AngloEastern to crew their ships.

                        Maybe Hadley Shipping has ships that they use themselves and ones that other companies use ... so maybe thats why you can be sponsored by Hadley and by Rio Tinto seperately even if Hadley owns both of the ships.


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                          Well, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. I requested to join the Facebook group, but I'm not sure who's running it. If anyone sees someone called Jack who's just requested, that'll be me (though there seem to be quite a few Jacks).


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                            yeh exactly but guessing we're on the same ship.... whichever one it is :P i'll see if i can accept your request... could before


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                              Yeah, looks like it will be the same ship, Rio Tinto seems like a great company though (and they're getting a load of new ships in 2012!), so that should be good.

                              Not sure what's going on with Facebook, I sent a request but nothing seems to have happened. It'll get there in the end, I suppose. :P


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                                Yeh i think they seem great too!! according to David we sail around Australia and China

                                Im sorry but i cant add you?!?! :/ -- i think i could only add someone because they were already my friend.... but amber (chickiecool) will be along soon no doubt to add you