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getting prepared for january

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  • getting prepared for january

    hi everyone,

    i am due to join fleetwood in jan on the deck FD course and i have a couple of questions, are there any books / websites i can visit so that i can get prepared / get ahead with some of the subjects ? i am reasonably up to date with my maths / physics so is there anything else useful ?

    also what do we do on the camping weekend in the lakes ? is it like the sort of outward bound weeks you do from school or something more hard going ?

    looking forward to meeting everyone in january

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    Re: getting prepared for january

    Ah camping in January, such fun!! You will do team building stuff, what that entails is a secret until you get there, but be sure to have a good pair of walking boots. It's not a 3 day yomp up fells though, this is the merchant navy, not the royal navy!! And, if it's even half as cold as it was when we did it, make sure you throw as many sleeping bags and roll mats in the trailer as you can fit in!!

    As for stuff to read up on, chill, you start on all the subjects at the most basic of levels, and if you're ok with maths, there's not much else you can self teach. The best thing you can do probably is go and see some ships, whatever kind of ship you can find, it's all relevant; wander along docks, talk to people on deck if you spot any, see if you can blag a look around, go to open ship days if there are any at this time of year. And ask questions!!


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