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  • HND Phase 1?


    Since I am(to be) a deck cadet starting from next week at Fleetwood, was just wondering how many students would a normal group of deck cadets for phase 1 would consist of?

    Oh and 1 more!?

    What sort of subjects would we be required to follow and especially be examined on for that period?
    Do we actually go camping the very first week? - Thanks!!

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    Re: Fleetwood Rooms

    I think there's about 20 of you starting. You'll be covering the basics before going to sea, so there'll be the short courses (Personal Survival Training, First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility and Fire Fighting), and then you'll probably do Signals, basic chartwork (maybe), maths, and... stuff. Not sure, really, my phase 1 was much longer than yours is, you'll find out soon enough if you're starting next week! You will be going camping, it's always the first weekend (be thankful you're starting now, we did it in January!) although the FD group that started this week are 54 strong so they've been broken up into 4 groups, each doing it on a different wed-fri slot over 4 weeks, so you may do it later... again, wait and see!!


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      Re: Fleetwood Rooms

      I'm at STC so may be slightly different but my timetable consists of-

      Communications (presentations and public speaking as opposed to morse and radios)
      Ship Operations
      Marine studies
      Bridge watch keeping
      Seamanship and last but not least..........

      Our phase 1 class has about 30 but its getting split at 30 is too many and as the deck course is shorter than enigneering everything seems to be pretty rammed in and move at a fast pace


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        Re: HND Phase 1?

        Much appreciate!

        Don't know what STC is though.
        Wow that sounds fun..
        I didn't know we were going to be learning First Aid, not that i didn't wish to, but I guess it's better now.
        Do you have a clue about average spendings and if i have to buy anything else except the ones required before,
        About that camping do i have to buy knifes, compas etc.


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          Re: HND Phase 1?

          STC= South Tyneside College!

          Those are the short courses which are mandartory for everyone who goes to sea in any capacity under the STCW95 convention (you'll hear a lot about STCW, it's quite important!!)

          Average spends.. halls are ?110/week, breakfast and dinner included. Make sure you have stationary, dividers, scientific calculator and parallel rules, what else you spend depends on how much you go out really!!

          For camping, make sure you have a good pair of walking boots and warm clothing, a pocket knife is recommended, but you'll be provided with compasses and stuff. Don't worry, it's not a massive yomp over fells, there's a couple of walks and then a bunch of team exercises, I was not looking forward to it at all, but it's great fun actually


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