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Loss of sponsorship and cadetship

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  • Loss of sponsorship and cadetship

    I recently lost my sponsorship and I am wondering if anyone knows any companies that would possibly take me on for continuing my 3rd phase

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    Hi Tyler,

    Sorry to hear about your situation, could you expand on the circumstances surrounding your loss of cadetship. The biggest issue is the SMART funding, and I'm not sure if this is transferrable.


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      SMarT is suspended at the week you left your current sponsor and can be taken up from that point by another company.
      Tonnage Tax works in a different way, and you are tracked for 36 months from the date you started your cadetship (if with a TT company), this cannot be suspended but can be transferred to another sponsor however the longer you wait the more difficult it becomes.

      I am aware of Cadets who have switched sponsors, however a lot will depend on the circumstances on why you 'lost' your sponsorship. All sponsors know each other and will discuss a candidate who approaches them having been sponsored elsewhere.